Welcome to the Friendly Linux Players community!

About Us

FLiP is an inclusive online gaming community of Linux enthusiasts. We aim to be welcoming to all who would want to join us, provided our Code of Conduct is adhered to.

There are no requirements regarding Linux usage or experience. Our members include seasoned desktop Linux gamers, those who just received a new Steam Deck, and Windows users who have interest in a friendly and inclusive community.

Our hosted services (Matrix and Mumble) serve as social centers for the community, including for our regularly-hosted gaming events.

Join Us

There are multiple places to participate in the Friendly Linux Players community:

  • Matrix (text chat)
    This links to our web-based text chat, specifically to the main room where the community is centered. For other Matrix clients, this room is at #flip:flip.earth. Additionally, join the community space to better discover and organize all of our official rooms: #community:flip.earth
  • Mumble (voice chat)
    This is available at mumble.flip.earth, using the default port (64738). Note that self-registering allows the creation of temporary channels.
  • Steam
    Joining our Steam group is strictly optional. Many Steam community features have been disabled, so as to focus on our Matrix space and Mumble server.
  • GitLab (code repositories)

By participating in our community, you agree to abide by the terms of our Code of Conduct.

If you notice a violation of the Code of Conduct or have any concerns, please contact someone from our team of moderators via a private message on Matrix:

Incidents can also be reported via email at conduct@flip.earth.


Anyone in the community can host a gaming event, which anyone else is welcome to attend. To learn more, see the Events page.